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\ We are looking for opening staff! /

Those who have experience in customer service, sales, service work, and those who have work experience at a hot bath facility are welcome.

even inexperienced

"I love camping and the outdoors! "I like serving customers!" 

"I want to work in nature!" Such…

Bright, energetic and energetic people are welcome!

Able to handle multitasking
Those who have experience in management such as managers and landlady
Those who value teamwork
Those who like saunas, hot baths, outdoor activities, etc.

​■ Full-time

Driver's license required


1. Restaurant staff

2. Cooking staff/bartenders

3. Hot bath staff (​Chiropractic/massage experience preferred)

(2 is limited to those with practical experience)

Employment status

Full-time employee (3 months trial period)

​Job details


● Customer service (Seating the customer,Taking orders,Catering)

● Cook assistant(washing dishes, preparation, serving, making drinks, etc.)

● Cleaning work

●Sales management/sales promotion planning


● Cooking using kitchen equipment introduced by our company

● Food management and kitchen hygiene management

● Purchasing ingredients and planning menus while calculating costs


● Cleaning of bathtubs, sauna rooms, changing rooms, lockers, toilets, poolside, etc.

● Pool life saver

● Hygiene management such as water quality and maintenance of facilities

● General affairs such as equipment ordering and inventory management

● Chiropractic or massage in the treatment room (reservation required)

Working hours

1. 177,080~250,000 yen

2. 193,200~350,000 yen

​Includes housing allowance and other allowances



​Shift system/8 hours of actual work


Family allowance, commuting allowance, salary increase once a year, bonus twice a yearSettlement bonus based on performance, complete social insurance, retirement allowance system, uniform loan


​■ Part-time

Inexperienced people are welcom
Driver's license required


*During the off-season or when there are no reservations, you may be asked to work concurrently with other positions.

1. Front reception

Reception duties/cashier clearing

Our job is to help our customers make the most of their time at our facility.

2. Onsen Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning and disinfection work

Our senior staff will carefully teach you, so don't worry even if you are inexperienced.

3. Laundry area

Washing and neatly folding towels, in-house wear, etc.

Even if you have no experience, you can apply as a group of close friends.

4. Restaurant hall

Customer service, taking orders, serving food and drinks, cleaning up, and cleaning restaurant

You can wear an aloha shirt and enjoy serving customers in the tropical atmosphere of restaurant.

5. Cooking assistance

Cooking assistance in the kitchen

Start with simple tasks such as cutting and arranging vegetables.

6. Marine activities

Marine sports guides and costomer service,Monitoring, facility maintenance, advance preparation, etc.

instructionThose with experience are preferred, and those with no experience are also welcome.

7. Camping

Customer support for camping,Facility maintenance

If you are interested in leisure or outdoor work. Our senior staff will teach you politely.

8. Glamping site cleaning

Cleaning guest rooms and on-site toilets and shower rooms and replenishing supplies.

Work while feeling nature in an open environment.

Employment status

Part-time (3 months trial period)

*Any age or experience required


Hourly wage 1,000-1,500 yen

Preference will be given depending on experience.

Working hours


​Actual work 3-6 hours * 3-4 days a week is OK. Please feel free to contact us regarding working hours, working days, etc.


Transportation expenses provided (company regulations apply), salary increase system available, uniform loan available (varies depending on job type)

Work location
1233 Odana, Yamato-son, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima, Japan 894-3106
A general art production company that handles advertising video art and planning, designing and constructing stores and commercial facilities in Tokyo will open a tourism and leisure resort facility as a new business.
We always challenge new things and have a unique and mobile corporate culture. Would you like to create something together from scratch in a new environment rich in nature?
​We are waiting for those who are full of challenge.
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